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Geodesign—Integrating Technology into Trail Planning and Community Engagement - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)

Collaborative Conservation in Energy and Transportation and the Race to Save the Monarch - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)

Finishing Construction Safely with COVID-19: Control, Resilience, and Recovery Planning

Developing an Equity Framework - A Case Study: Los Angeles Metro - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)

ASLA Advocacy

Transportation Planning and Design

Federal Active Transportation Resources, including sections on:

  • Active Transportation Design Guides
  • Strategizing Active Transportation Networks
  • Equity in Active Transportation
  • Performance Measures, Tools, and Data
  • Multimodal Transportation Case Studies
  • Active Transportation Programs' Reports

ASLA Design Guides

Sustainable Transportation
Transportation corridors and facilities are major components of the nation’s landscape and public realm. Integrating comprehensive transportation planning with natural systems analysis and land use planning is essential for creating livable communities in sustainable environments.

Universal Design: Streets
If we want everyone to participate in public life, we must design and build an inclusive public realm that is accessible to all.

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PPN Documents

Landscape Architecture: Planning, Designing, and Managing Spaces That Move You
What moves do landscape architects in transportation make?
Where do transportation landscape architects work?
How do transportation landscape architects benefit communities?

Statement on CSD/CSS: Collaborating for Context Sensitive Solutions in Transportation
May 11, 2005

  • Rationale for Context Sensitive Solutions in Transportation
  • The Context Sensitive Solutions Team
  • The Need for Specialists and Generalists
  • Landscape Architects on Context Sensitive Solutions Teams
  • Finding the Right Landscape Architect
  • Achieving Excellence with Context Sensitive Solutions

Context Sensitive Design Professional Interest Group Profile, LAND
December 13, 2004
An interview with Co-Chair Greg Hoer, ASLA, and past Chair David Fasser, FASLA


2014 Transportation Research Board AFB-40 Committee Mid-Year Meeting Presentations
Landscape and Environmental Design
September 7-10, 2014, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Context Sensitive Design & Solutions: "A Better Way"
May 2004
By MN/DOT's Scott Bradley, FASLA

Aesthetics & Landscape Architecture
May 10, 2005
By MN/DOT's Scott Bradley, FASLA


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