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Landscape Architect Registration Examination

 LARE PREP Week 2023
Passing the Exam
Why LARE Prep?

The purpose of LARE Prep Week is to provide valuable support and resources to candidates preparing to take the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE). This week-long event aims to help candidates enhance their understanding of the exam, gain insights into the new LARE blueprint, clarify questions about the testing process, and receive guidance on specific sections, particularly Section 4 for those who have one final chance to pass the exam.

LARE Prep Week offers a comprehensive program that demystifies the exam, provides high levels of testing information, facilitates an open forum Q&A session, and offers specific guidance related to Section 4 of the examination. Through these activities, the event aims to equip candidates with the knowledge, confidence, and resources they need to successfully navigate and excel in the LARE.

LARE Prep Week Schedule & Pricing
  • September 11, 2023 (3pm ET): Demystifying the New LARE  
  • September 12, 2023 (3pm ET): High Level Testing: Application of Knowledge vs. Knowledge Recall  
  • September 13, 2023 (3pm ET): L.A.R.E. Ask Me Anything  
  • September 14, 2023 (3pm ET): Section 4 Q&A
    • Invite Only (early September): Candidates eligible for the Oct. 2023 administration will receive registration information directly from CLARB 
  • September 15, 2023 (3pm ET): CLARB Webinar: Exam Transition — General Information
    • Join CLARB for an update on the L.A.R.E. transition at the completion of the August 2023 administration. Check in to know what’s next as we close out the yearlong transition of the L.A.R.E.
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Reasons to Register

Demystify the New Exam Blueprint 

Participate in the "Demystifying the New L.A.R.E. Blueprint" webinar to get a clear understanding of the updated exam blueprint, ensuring you focus your studies on the right content areas and maximize your chances of success.

Access Expert Knowledge

Learn from experienced professionals and subject matter experts who will share their expertise, best practices, and insights on the LARE, ensuring you have access to high-quality information and guidance.

Section 4 Exam Support

Section 4 candidates have one more chance to attempt (October 2023) the exam before the new L.A.R.E. Blueprint goes into effect in December 2023. This Section 4 Q&A webinar is specifically tailored to provide targeted support and guidance to help candidates succeed in this critical section and gain credit for the new L.A.R.E. Blueprint exam of ‘Construction Documentation & Administration’. This session is by invite only, and candidates eligible for the Oct. 2023 administration will receive registration information directly from CLARB in early September.