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Since public spaces are often community focal points, crime and unwanted behavior can be perceived differently than crime on the street—it may generate more attention that prevents or inhibits use and intended activity. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a proactive crime fighting technique in which the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of and incidents of crime. Using a multi-disciplinary, multi-pronged approach, law enforcement, landscape architects, city planners, engineers and resident volunteers can create a climate of safety for public space. This webinar will explore methods to preventing crime through environmental design. The presenter will discuss tackling CPTED design challenges, using programs and partnerships to build a safety network, and specific strategies for designing out crime.   

Presenter: Brittain Storck, ASLA, PLA, CPD, Principal, Alta Planning + Design

2017 ASLA Annual Meeting

Urban Design PPN members shared the following presentations at the 2017 Annual Meeting and EXPO in Los Angeles:

Urban Design PPN Survey Results
Keith Billick, ASLA, Urban Design PPN Immediate Past Chair

Dredge Neutral
Peter Salamon, Associate ASLA
Peter showcased his urban design master’s thesis, ‘Dredge Neutral,’ which devised a dredge-based master plan for Savannah, GA, at an unprecedented city scale, focused on sustainable, indefinite silt dispersion for a ‘Dredge Neutral’ city. Landscape architects are at the forefront of designing beneficial reuse strategies, yielding solutions that restore habitat and account for sea level rise.

City Square – Power Strip
Ken McCown, ASLA
Ken presented ‘City Square – Power Strip,’ a vision for Downtown Las Vegas to establish a civic space and pedestrian spine as the symbolic and functional heart of metropolitan Las Vegas. This project is a demonstration of how methods of planning, architecture, and landscape architecture may link to create place-based visions that integrate the many needs of downtowns to function as the symbolic and functioning heart of their metropolitan areas.


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