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Urban Design Resources

2017 ASLA Annual Meeting
Urban Design PPN members shared the following presentations at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles:

Urban Design PPN Survey Results
Keith Billick, ASLA, Urban Design PPN Chair

Dredge Neutral
Peter Salamon, Associate ASLA
Peter showcased his urban design master’s thesis, ‘Dredge Neutral,’ which devised a dredge-based master plan for Savannah, GA, at an unprecedented city scale, focused on sustainable, indefinite silt dispersion for a ‘Dredge Neutral’ city. Landscape architects are at the forefront of designing beneficial reuse strategies, yielding solutions that restore habitat and account for sea level rise.

City Square – Power Strip
Ken McCown, ASLA
Ken presented ‘City Square – Power Strip,’ a vision for Downtown Las Vegas to establish a civic space and pedestrian spine as the symbolic and functional heart of metropolitan Las Vegas. This project is a demonstration of how methods of planning, architecture, and landscape architecture may link to create place-based visions that integrate the many needs of downtowns to function as the symbolic and functioning heart of their metropolitan areas.

2016 PPN Update

The Urban Design PPN Leadership Team has many ideas in the works for you. Here are some highlights:

  1. Do you know your current leadership? During the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO, the roles of your officers changed for the next year?
    Keith Billick, ASLA, Urban Design PPN Chair
    Keith is a landscape architect/urban designer/community planner working at Shive-Hattery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Keith was an Officer for the Urban Design PPN 2014-2015. Keith can be reached at
  2. Would you like to support our efforts? We are looking for officers to join our leadership team.
  3. Have you seen the Urban Design PPN post on The Field by James Urban, FASLA? Check out Urban Design and Tree Planting Spaces and let us know what you think. If you are interested in posting articles on The Field as part of Urban Design PPN, please let your officers know. We have couple of open spots for the year!
  4. Do you know that we have a LinkedIn group with over 2,000 members? We will be activating our LinkedIn group, so please become a member to see and join the latest discussions and issues relevant to urban design and landscape architecture.
  5. We would like our members to highlight their urban design project. All it takes is: one image, name of the project and the firm, and a sentence starting with “The biggest lesson we learned from this urban design project is ... (please fill in the blank).” Feel free to share them with your officers to be posted.

Any other ideas? Please feel free share any additional ideas and opinions with us. Looking forward to your input.



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