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Childrens Outdoor Environments Resources

Children’s Outdoor Environments Resources

Health Benefits of Nature

ASLA's Health Benefits of Nature guide includes information specifically on children. Topics covered include: ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognition, Depression, General Health, Nature Deficit Disorder, Obesity, Stress, Type II Diabetes, and Well-being.

2015 ASLA Annual Meeting Presentations

Children's Outdoor Environments PPN members shared the following presentations at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Chicago: 

The Manzanita Gathering Place: Engaging Youth in Creative Place Making
Ilisa Goldman, ASLA

Community Design Collaborative: Strengthening Neighborhoods Through Design
Alexa Bosse, Associate ASLA

Risky Elements in Play Design
Shannon Mikus, Associate ASLA

PPN Newsletters

Before The Field was established in 2012 as the PPNs' blog, the Children's Outdoor Environments PPN published several online newsletters:

Summer 2012

Summer 2011

Winter 2010

Summer 2009



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Professional Practice 

Library and Research Services                          
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Historic Landscapes (HALS)                              
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