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Sustainable Design and Development

Sustainable Design and Development

ASLA's Sustainable Design and Development Professional Practice Network (SDD PPN) is a group committed to ecology-based planning and design and creating landscapes that balance the needs of man and the environment while benefiting both.

Our goal is to collectively advance sustainable design as it relates to landscape architecture and related fields. In this task, we seek not only to advance the theory of sustainable design, but also to find ways to qualify and quantify the sustainable nature of design choices in landscape architecture and planning. We invite you to join and grow with us.


The main objective of the SDD PPN is to collect, advance, and disseminate information on sustainable design practice and theory within the field of landscape architecture and affiliated fields. In this realm, we seek to establish and maintain alliances with ASLA National, USGBC, AIA, ULI, APA, and other organizations with a similar focus.

We plan to research and make available references and documents related to our cause and strive to have a strong presence at both the local and national levels through our web page, The Field, conferences, and publications.

The SDD PPN’s secondary role, but also its initial impetus, has been to provide the motivation, drive, and framework for the development and implementation of a site-based rating system. The sustainable site rating system to be produced through the Sustainable Sites Initiative continues through a large, multi-organizational effort led by ASLA, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and the US Botanic Garden. This rating system is particularly targeted toward the designer or developer of a landscape site, park, infrastructure, or other non-building project. As a PPN, we continue to support the Initiative through local and professional outreach and speaking engagements.

To join our PPN, contact ASLA Member Services at 888-999-ASLA or



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