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Landscape-Land Use Planning

Landscape — Land Use Planning

The historic role of landscape planning is to exercise the social and environmental responsibility of reconciling the public’s needs with natural systems. Although technological developments continue to be important for landscape planning, the Landscape—Land Use Planning PPN attempts to balance high-tech developments with conservation and innovative planning.

The Rural Landscape Section of the Landscape—Land Use Planning PPN focuses on issues related to the preservation, conservation, and development of the rural landscape. We recognize that the rural landscape has complex ecological, economic, and cultural qualities on which human and other life forms depend. This section of the PPN examines issues related to the loss and misuse of the rural landscape and is committed to advancing the public's awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the rural landscape as a limited resource that is vital to the health, safety, and welfare of the earth's life forms. Essential qualities of the rural landscape can be conserved while accommodating human needs, through sensitive integration of human land uses with natural systems. The PPN encourages the application of sound principles and practices of wise land use planning, design, and management to ensure conservation of the rural landscape for the benefit of future generations.



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