Code of Conduct

Fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture within our profession, where membership, leadership, staff, partners, volunteers, and other supporters can connect, learn, and grow.

ASLA will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, religion, and other protected classes. There is no place for such behavior within the landscape architecture profession or within ASLA.

ASLA strives to promote respectful, safe, and non-judgmental environments that are free of inappropriate conduct that is not in keeping with ASLA’s professional mission and standards of conduct. Those who experience or witness conduct that they believe violates ASLA’s Conduct Policies are encouraged to report it, as described below. There will be no retaliation against those who voice concerns in good faith about such conduct.

ASLA’s policies governing the conduct of its board and committee members, staff, membership, partners, volunteers and other supporters provide for due diligence and prompt, effective remedial action where necessary and appropriate to address issues of alleged inappropriate conduct that may arise during ASLA activities. ASLA’s Code of Professional Ethics also provides for sanctions that may include rescission of medals, honors, and awards, as well as expulsion from the Society.

ASLA Conduct Policies: What to do when you experience behavior that violates ASLA’s policies

If you experience harassment or discriminatory behavior, you can get support in multiple ways. You can register your report by phone, email, website, and by downloading using the anonymous reporting app below. We are here to help. Everyone has the right to feel safe, welcome, and comfortable at our conference. If you see or experience something that violates our code of conduct, say something! Please register your complaint using the following options:

Website: https://www.lighthouse-services.com/asla

Anonymous Reporting App by Lighthouse Services: Keyword: asla
This app can be downloaded to your phone and will enable you to submit new anonymous reports and follow up on anonymous reports related to an issue at your company or organization. In order to use the app you must download it to your phone. To download and install the Anonymous Reporting APP from Lighthouse Services click on appropriate link below.


When you open the anonymous reporting app, it will present you with a field containing the words “Enter Keyword”. The keyword should be provided by your employer or other organization that subscribes to the Lighthouse service. Once you enter it, click “Save”. This will save that keyword in “Your Keywords”.

Click the keyword to submit your report. After submitting a report, you will be provided with a case number. You can store this case number in the app by copying the case number provided, clicking on the edit icon for the keyword and pasting it into the ‘Enter Case Number’ field. If you provided a PIN during report submission, check the ‘This case number has a PIN’ checkbox.  There is no field to save your PIN; you will still need to remember it. Select ‘Save’ to store the case number.


To follow up on a specific report, select the case number below the keyword on the dashboard page.

If a PIN was required during report submission, the Case Management System portal page will be displayed with the case number pre-populated.  You’ll need to enter the report’s PIN to access the report through the portal.

If a PIN was not required during report submission, your company’s or organization’s anonymous web reporting page will be displayed.   On that page, click the submit button labeled “Don’t have a PIN” under the ‘Already Made a Report Selection’. This will take you to your organization’s web reporting page. Scroll down and click “Don’t have a PIN“ under “Already Made a Report?”


To manage keywords, select the gear icon in the lower right of the dashboard page.  The Manage Keywords page will allow you to enter additional keywords or delete existing keywords.  Note, when a keyword is deleted all associated case numbers will be deleted on the app only. This does not delete the reports themselves.

More Detailed Anonymous Reporting App from Lighthouse Services instructions here

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  • Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

E-mail: reports@lighthouse-services.com (must specify ‘ASLA’ in report)


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