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The Bradford Williams Medal

Bradford Williams Medal

This medal is given in honor of Bradford Williams, who for many years served as the corresponding secretary of ASLA and presided over ASLA's national headquarters in Boston. He was a past editor, publisher, business manager and the driving force behind Landscape Architecture Quarterly (now Landscape ArchitectureMagazine).

Purpose: To recognize superior writing in Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) and excellence in writing about landscape architecture in other mainstream periodicals.

Who Is Eligible: Individual landscape architects or non-landscape architects who have written at least one article in Landscape Architecture Magazine during the course of a calendar year, and outside writers for other periodicals who have written an article on landscape architecture-related topics during the calendar year.

Number of Awards: Up to two medals are given annually.

Selection Process: The LAM Editorial Advisory Committee nominates articles and makes the final selections. The medal recipients are then notified by the president and invited to attend the Society's annual conference for presentation of the awards. The Bradford Williams Medal will be presented to the recipients in person at ASLA's conference. If the recipients cannot be present, the medals will be mailed to them.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Two awards will be given each year--one for an article that appeared in LAM and one for an article on landscape architecture topics that appeared in an outside periodical.
  2. The award will be based on articles that were written during the preceding calendar year.
  3. Nominations are to be made by the LAM Editorial Advisory Committee. In making the nominations, the committee will consider the following:
    1. accurate, evocative writing
    2. placement of topic in a larger context
    3. potential for effecting positive change
    4. cumulative contributions to the magazine

Nomination Submittals: To suggest an individual for the committee to consider for the Bradford Williams Medal, email jreut@asla.org.

2023   Jared Brey
2023   Sonja Dümpelmann
2022   Eric Klinenberg
2022   Katharine Logan
2021   Nikil Saval
2021   Thaïsa Way
2014   Jennifer Cooper
2014   Michael Tortorello
2013   Elizabeth S. Padjen
2013   Timothy Egan
2012   Christopher Hawthorne
2012   David Heymann
2011   Sarah Williams Goldhagen
2011   Mark Hough, ASLA
2010   Daniel Jost, ASLA
2010   Linda McIntyre
2009   Adam Arvidson, ASLA
2009   Alex Ulam
2008   Ethan Carr, FASLA
2008   James Richards, ASLA
2007   George Hazelrigg, ASLA
2007   Linda Lee Jewell, FASLA
2006   Grady Clay, Hon. ASLA
2006   Randolph T. Hester Jr., FASLA
2006   Susan Hines
2005   Allen Freeman
2005   James L. Sipes, ASLA
2004   Clare Cooper Marcus, Hon. ASLA
2004   Lolly Tai, FASLA
2003   Marc Treib
2003   Meg Calkins, ASLA
2002   Brenda Brown
2002   Kim Sorvig
2001   Bill Thompson, FASLA
2001   Kim O'Connell
2001   Kenneth Helphand, FASLA
1992   Bruce Ferguson, ASLA
1991   Laurie Olin, FASLA
1985   Warren T. Byrd Jr., ASLA and Susan S. Nelson, ASLA
1985   Blanche Linden-Ward and Alan Ward
1982   Helaine Kaplan Prentice, ASLA
1979   E. Lynn Miller, ASLA


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