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The President's Medal

The President Medal

Purpose: Authorized by the Executive Committee in 1978, the ASLA President's Medal is awarded each year to an ASLA member for unselfish and devoted service to the ASLA at the national level over a period of not less than five years.

Eligibility: The recipient must be an ASLA member.

Frequency: One medal is awarded each year.

Nomination and Selection Process: Members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) may submit nominees for this award, which recognizes outstanding service to the Society, to the president, but the final selection is made solely at the discretion of the president. The President's Medal is announced and presented during the ASLA Annual Conference. Nominations are to be kept confidential. Nominees should not be made aware of their nominations or asked to participate in the preparation of their nomination materials.

All nominations must be submitted in a single black 1/2 inch view binder or emailed to cmitchell@asla.org by February 2, 2018, 5:00 pm EST.

Recent Recipients

2016   James Richards, FASLA
2015   Jonathan Mueller, FASLA
2014   Vaughn Rinner, FASLA
2013   Patrick W. Caughey, FASLA
2012   Perry Howard, FASLA
2011   Gregg S. Everhart, ASLA
2010   Debra Guenther, ASLA
2010   Jose Almiñana, FASLA
2009   Charles Birnbaum, FASLA
2008   James Taylor, ASLA
2007   Gary B. Kesler, FASLA
2006   Rodney L. Swink, FASLA
2005   Frederick R. Steiner, FASLA
2004   Leonard J. Hopper, FASLA
2003   Claire R. Bennett, FASLA
2002   Janice Cervelli Schach, FASLA
2001   Thomas R. Dunbar, FASLA
2000   Edward J. Olinger, FASLA
1999   John Ormsbee Simonds, FASLA - President's Centennial Medal
1999   Robert A. Callans, FASLA
1998   Dennis Y. Otsuji, FASLA
1997   Roger Wells, FASLA
1996   Debra L. Mitchell, FASLA
1995   Gerald D. Patten, FASLA
1994   Donald W. Leslie, FASLA
1993   Vincent Bellafiore, FASLA
1992   Thomas P. Papandrew, FASLA
1991   Roy J. Dunn, FASLA
1990   Helen Quackenbush, FASLA
1989   Cameron R. J. Man, FASLA
1987   Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
1986   Theodore O. Osmundson, FASLA
1985   Spencer P. Ellis, FASLA
1984   Raymond L. Freeman, FASLA
1983   William A. Behnke, FASLA
1982   Jot D. Carpenter, FASLA
1981   Lane L. Marshall, FASLA
1980   George A. Yarwood, FASLA LA
1979   Edward H. Stone, II, FASLA
1978   William G. Swain, FASLA


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