Become a Landscape Architect

2022-2024 Women of Color Licensure Advancement Program

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Diana Alcantara Ortiz, ASLA

Landscape Architectural Assistant 1, San Francisco Public Works, Bureau of Landscape Architecture
San Francisco, CA
"I believe in the importance of giving back to the community and promoting awareness of the valuable role of women of different races in the field of landscape architecture. By becoming a landscape architect, I will continue to create meaningful and enjoyable spaces. I will reshape communities by using sustainable practices, responding to their uniqueness and respecting their urban context."

Alminana interview page
Jessica Colvin, Assoc. ASLA

Assistant Campus Landscape Architect, University of California, Davis
Davis, California
"I applied to the program for the opportunity to connect with other women of color in our profession and benefit from our shared experience. Licensure is important to me as a milestone towards a successful and responsible career in stewarding our environment and serving the public good."

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Alexandria Dial

Designer, Studio Outside
Dallas, Texas
"I knew I wanted to achieve greater growth, and that a great way to do so would be through the support of other women in the landscape architecture community. Licensure is important to me, because as a minority in the landscape architecture field, the achievements I make can help inspire the next person to believe they can do the same and even more."

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Ana Cristina Garcia, ASLA

Associate, GGN
Seattle, WA
"I wanted to be part of a mentorship program where I could engage with and help elevate the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) women and women-identifying folk in the profession. Licensure is important to me because it validates the knowledge and experience I bring into every meeting, project team, and construction site."

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Adriana Garcia, ASLA

Senior Designer, SALT Landscape Architecture
Long Beach, California
"I applied to this program to expand my network of landscape architect women of color, empower and extend mentorship opportunities to other women of color, channel my passions and advocate for social and environmental justice, and receive support in my path towards licensure. I strongly believe obtaining my license will allow me to build a competent skill set to become a competitive landscape architect and prepare me with foundational knowledge to pursue independent practice in the future."

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Yamile Garcia, ASLA

Designer, Rialto Studio
Austin, Texas.
"I was at a point in my career where I felt ready to begin studying for the LARE exams, and this program provides the one-on-one mentorship that will help me succeed. Licensure is important to me, because I believe it will give me an extra push to advance myself in this profession and help me create an increased level of responsibility and authority over my own work."

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Maci Nelson, Assoc. ASLA

Landscape Designer, DERU LA and Adjunct Professor, Kent State University
Cleveland, Ohio
"I applied to the program to show other mothers of color there is room for us in this profession. Licensure means access to a future say in the way we practice and more decision-making power in the communities we serve."

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Angelica Rockquemore, ASLA

Site Planner / Landscape Designer
Honolulu, Hawai`i
"I admire this program, as it provides access to a community of women pursuing a shared goal and supports women of color like myself -- new mothers seeking to navigate the fragile balance of motherhood and professional practice independent of a traditional design firm. Licensure is an invaluable credential, and an increasingly important way to elevate the visibility of women of color design professionals."

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Jameka Smith, ASLA

Landscape Architect, City of Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL
"The program will offer me all of the resources, in particular a mentor, which I feel would be of great assistance to me and my journey to licensure. Obtaining my license has always been a career goal for me. I’m excited that with this program I’ll be able to achieve this accomplishment."

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Shuangwen Yang, Assoc. ASLA

Landscape Designer, Catalyst Design Group
Nashville, TN
"I believe this program will serve as a great resource and a strong support network to help young women of color in landscape architecture like myself to succeed.  Licensure will help me establish credibility and give me more confidence to speak boldly in the decision-making process."



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