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ASLA + NPS Partnership: Cyclovia Event

Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013

Communities wanting changes to trails, parks, streets, and their public spaces may have ideas, but often struggle with what it could really look like and if it is even possible. Our partnership with ASLA Hawaii has captured many of these ideas on paper, in digital spaces, and created new plans and concepts that people proudly support and advocate for. We partner on design charrettes and bring in university students to work with design professionals in real-world projects. A couple of dynamic projects happened on Oahu that showcase this support.

In 2013, Kaka‘ako experienced Oahu’s second cyclovia, an event with streets opened for play for the day. ASLA Hawaii was essential in developing a “complete street” demonstration, providing expertise that helped turn a typical urban street into a vibrant bike- and pedestrian-friendly street full of trees, plants, and innovative green infrastructure examples. Since this event, similar projects emerged and helped bolster the Complete Streets Program at the City and County of Honolulu.

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