ASLA Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2020

Remembering Influential Landscape Architect Joseph Yamada

 This year, two members from ASLA’s Diversity Summit community worked to shape activities and develop resources, which include a letter to the broader ASLA member community that has inspired ASLA’s 2020 celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

We invite you to read What Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Means to ASLA and Us by Masako Ikegami, ASLA, SWA Group, and Gloria Lau, ASLA, Stantec.

Masako Ikegami, ASLA (left) and Gloria Lau, ASLA (right)

Masako and Gloria

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Webinar Series

America's Chinatowns: Identity, Belonging, and the Future of Place

Ernie Wong, FASLA, Jenn Low, PLA, Yu-Chung Li, ASLA, and Jim Lee, ASLA led a four-part webinar series about the past, present, and future of Chinatowns and drew analogies to other neighborhoods like them that are subject to the ongoing forces of gentrification driving neighborhood change.


Special Features

Learn more about the remarkable story of 1982 ASLA Award winner, Shinji Nakagawa, FASLA, and his introduction to landscape architecture during the war years in The Cultural Landscape Foundation's feature stories series.
Take a virtual tour of the Hmong Cultural Plaza, an open-air pavilion and stone garden with the Phalen Regional Park China Garden. The Hmong Cultural Plaza is an important element in the China Garden because Minnesota Hmongs claim Changsha as their ancestral home, and a large Hmong community live in the Phalen Park area.

Diversity Summit participant, Cheeneng Yang, ASLA shares more about Hmong culture with Celebrating Hmong People and Culture

Phalen Regional Park China Garden

Phalen Regional Park China Garden

ASLA Interviews with Asian American and Asian Landscape Architects

Jie Hu, FASLA  
Mikyoung Kim, FASLA  
Joyce Lee, FAIA, LEED Fellow
Hitesh Mehta, FASLA

Kotchakorn Voraakhom, International ASLA

Kongjian Yu, FASLA

Asian American Landscape Architecture Pioneers

Asa Hanamoto, FASLA

Masao Kinoshita, FASLA  

Robert Murase, FASLA

Kenichi Nakano, FASLA

Satoru Nishita, FASLA

Hideo Sasaki, FASLA

Takeo Uesugi, FASLA


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