Chapter Membership

Common Concerns and Responses

You may find that before a non-member joins, they have personal, business, and financial considerations to think over. This is common. Don’t be discouraged. Use these answers to many common concerns to help you respond to their concerns.  Add to these responses with your own experiences and observations.  If you find that there are additional concerns/responses that would be useful to other membership chairs, share with  

“I don’t have the time…”
I understand and had the same concern, but then I realized that ASLA can provide me a wealth of value and benefits that don’t require any time.  Firm Finder markets your firm for you.  ASLA Advocacy protects your license.  Public Relations is raising awareness and raising the visibility of the profession.  ASLA keeps me informed and sends information directly to me so I can choose the right opportunities to maximize my time. 

“I can’t afford it…”
ASLA is an investment in your business and the profession. ASLA’s purpose is to protect and enhance our profession and give you what you need to be successful. For example, always expanding its professional development offerings to better support member needs for professional enrichment and continuing education requirements. 

“I just can’t write a check for the dues at this time...”
ASLA accepts all major credit cards; American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. In addition ASLA offers the option of paying small, monthly payments by credit card or deducted directly from your checking account.

“I’m just a small firm…ASLA is only interested in the big guys…”
A majority of ASLA members are small firms. ASLA membership provides strength in numbers. The benefit of networking for small-firm practitioners is priceless. Through fellowship you can make valuable contacts, not only with with other landscape architects, but with suppliers and allied professionals.

“I’m just not interested….”
Well, ASLA is interested in you. ASLA programs are designed to keep our profession front and center, and cement our unique contributions to the design process. ASLA represents our profession with policy decision makers, allied professions, and the public. ASLA membership should interest you…ASLA is working hard on your behalf. There is strength in numbers and your membership can a difference.

“I’m already a member of a different organization..."  
While there are a great many organizations out there, many of which ASLA itself supports, no other organization is representing the profession of landscape architecture on a national basis like ASLA supports landscape architects.  ASLA is your voice for advocacy, protecting your licensure, fighting for public funds for projects, focusing on increasing awareness of the value of your services, and so much more.


ASLA Membership