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2023 Patricia O'Donnell, FASLA
Patricia O'Donnell, FASLA
Patricia O'Donnell, FASLAImage Credit:
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Patricia O'Donnell, FASLA

“Landscape Architecture training and skills empower me as an agent of action through diverse works and organizational collaborations. As a professional, I embrace life-long learning, creativity and integrated solutions for the benefit of people, planet and peace. It has been and is an honor to deepen worldwide understanding, respect for and action to uplift diverse cultural landscapes.”


Patricia O’Donnell, PLA, FASLA, possesses expertise, talent and a collaborative spirit that is widely recognized across the design and preservation professions and allied fields nationally and world-wide. Through four decades of work as a preservation landscape architect and of service as a thought leader, advocate, instigator, and innovator, she has advanced sustainable heritage. O’Donnell is widely respected as a pioneer in forging a path for landscape architects to be significant members of the preservation community.

Heritage Landscapes, her small firm, has received 99 awards for over 600 planning, design, construction, and communications projects, attesting to high-quality professional works. ASLA recognized this corpus with the prestigious 2019 ASLA Firm Award, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation bestowed the 2021 Crowninshield Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Wholly dedicated to heritage places, Patricia views cultural landscapes as shared commons intertwining nature and culture. Her works emphasize tackling current issues of planetary rights, biodiversity, cultural diversity, and inclusion aligned to global goals and local actions. With voice, knowledge and energy, O'Donnell has made a significant, transformative, and beneficial impact upon our profession, nation, heritage places, communities and hundreds of individuals, to a remarkable degree, as a passionate steward of our shared inheritance.

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