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2017 Central Park Conservancy
Central Park Conservancy
Central Park Conservancy  
Medal of Excellence: Central Park Conservancy

The Central Park Conservancy (CPC) will receive the Landscape Architecture Medal of Excellence. The award recognizes significant contributions to landscape architecture policy, research, education, project planning and design, or a combination of these items. The mission of the CPC is to restore, manage and enhance Central Park in partnership with the public. The Conservancy strives to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management—emphasizing environmental excellence—to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all. The CPC is committed to sustaining this operating model to provide a legacy for future generations of park users.

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Honors & Awards:
Carolyn Mitchell 
Manager, Honors & Awards  

Council of Fellows:
Curt Millay, ASLA
Corporate Secretary