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2007 THE LAGASSE MEDALS Recipient ( Non-Landscape Architect Category )
Sarah S. Boasberg, Honorary ASLA

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Sarah S. Boasberg, Honorary ASLA

The LaGasse Medal recognizes individuals who have made notable contributions to the management and conservancy of natural resources and/or public landscapes. The recipient in the Non-Landscape Architect Category must possess a minimum of five years in a position directly responsible for managing natural resources or public landscapes.

The LaGasse Medal in the Non-Landscape Architect Category will be presented to Sarah S. Boasberg, Honorary ASLA, of Washington, DC for her leadership in conservancy of natural resources and public landscapes.  Boasberg is the founder and president of Green Spaces for DC, a non-profit organization working to develop public-private partnerships to improve District-owned green spaces. In 2004, Green Spaces for DC provided seed funds for the city to hire the first landscape architect on its park department staff. Boasberg is the author of the award-winning study, “Re-Greening Washington: Managing the Street Tree Crisis in Our Nation’s Capital.” In addition, she served as Chairman of the Board of the American Horticultural Society and founding Co-Chair of the Cultural Landscape Foundation. She is also head of the Master Planning Committee of the Friends of the National Arboretum."

Read the nomination letter from Douglas P. Reed, FASLA, and support letters from Mark Buscaino, Deane Hundley, Cy Paumier, and the Hon. Anthony A. Williams.


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