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2009 The Community Service Award Recipient
Daniel Winterbottom, ASLA
Winterbottom, Daniel

The Community Service Award recognizes sustained, pro bono service to the community demonstrating sound principles or values of landscape architecture.

Daniel Winterbottom, ASLA, associate professor in the department of landscape architecture and adjunct professor in the department of architecture at the University of Washington’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning, will receive the Community Service Award. As a humanitarian, Winterbottom brings the benefits of landscape architecture to poor, marginalized, and underserved populations. As a professor, Winterbottom teaches how to employ low-tech, cost-effective, sustainable materials. As a humanitarian and a professor, Winterbottom’s projects offer community service in another significant way: He always brings the students into the work to design and build the projects under his guidance. Their built landscapes have benefited people in prisons, poor communities in Mexico and Guatemala, cancer centers, and other underserved groups.

Read the nomination letter by J. William Thompson, FASLA; supporting letters by Lisa Speckhardt; Elizabeth A. Umbanhowar; Justin Martin, Student ASLA; and Frederick Steiner, FASLA; bio; and supporting material.


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