What Do the Abbreviations Mean?

BSLA- Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, BLA - Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, MLA - Master of Landscape Architecture, non-baccalaureate MLA - bachelor degree is not required to enter the program.

LR (last review), IR (initial review), NR (next review).

Granted when all standards are met or when one or more standards are met with recommendation, and continued overall program quality and conformance to standards are judged likely to be maintained.

Accreditation may be granted up to six (6) years.

A program receiving accreditation may be required to submit special progress reports at the discretion of LAAB.

Provisional Accreditation
Granted when one or more standards are met with recommendation and the cited deficiencies are such that continued overall program quality or conformance to standards is uncertain.  Provisional accreditation may be granted up to two (2) years.  This status shall not be granted more than twice without an intervening period of accreditation.  Provisional status is not deemed to be an adverse action and is not subject to be appealed.

Initial Accreditation
Granted on a first review when all standards are at least minimally met and the program's continued development and conformance to the accreditation standards is likely.  Initial accreditation may be granted for up to six (6) years.

Candidacy Program
Candidacy status is an accreditation classification granted to any program that is in the planning or early stages of development or an intermediate stage of implementation. The program is not accredited but appears to have the potential for meeting the standards set forth in the requirements for a landscape architecture program accredited by LAAB.


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