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Makings of a Modern Moon

Phyzics® Moon / Miracle Recreation

Kids benefit from play that challenges them. As they face and overcome obstacles, they build resilience and confidence—the characteristics of a future leader. At Miracle, we nurture this spirit by creating innovative play solutions that get kids excited and inspired to be active.

Our Phyzics® Moon collection exemplifies these values by allowing kids to decide their own path as they navigate through each unique structure—and now, we’ve added more pieces to the orbit. From hangout spots for deep belly laughs to arched climbers for eager explorers, these structures and components each feature Miracle’s signature contemporary design that spearheads the future of play equipment. Using our latest pieces, you can expand upon an existing playground or design an entirely new one—either leads to eye-catching design that draws in everyone from around the community.

You can also use other equipment, such as our new Hex Climber, to extend or accent your modern landscape further. Featuring intersecting hexagons in an abstract arch, Hex Climber similarly helps kids develop their decision-making skills as they intuitively travel across its angular shape. By offering kids the freedom to choose their own path with these modern designs, you’re fostering their sense of self and encouraging them to achieve all kinds of accomplishments on the playground and beyond as they grow.

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