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Grading Tools - The Key to a Successful Landscape Transition to BIM

Image by Arch-Intelligence and Environment for Revit® 

Despite common misconceptions, we landscape architects do much more than just place trees around buildings… Fundamental to our design process is the science and art of grading. When our designs are executed, grading is addressed already at the very beginning of construction and is revisited throughout to, amongst others, ensure the ground is shaped to plan. It's clear, therefore, that as we transition to BIM, we must be able to design and deliver high-quality, accurate grading plans.

Grassroots software conceived and built by experienced landscape architects for their day-to-day design needs, Environment for Revit® was, first and foremost, developed to embolden site professionals to transition to BIM. Environment’s wide range of modeling tools includes more than 14 topography and grading tools that are transforming Revit® into the software of choice for a fast-growing community of landscape architects around the globe.

Environment’s suite of tools provides the foundations for flexible and accurate design processes for any size or type of project. More importantly, Environment gives you the freedom to design as YOU think best, to fully unleash your creative self. Design and manage your topographies in relation to the surrounding landscape, following set slope requirements, or simply sculpt the terrain to match your design ideas.

While grading is central to our Environment, we also understand that design is not only conceptual, but also contextual.In this context (pun intended ) Environment lets you collaborate with Civil 3D and CAD files directly within Revit, further streamlining your BIM transition.

Want to learn more about effective grading in Revit? Watch our Autodesk University 2022 class on topography tools.

And for more about Environment, check out our website, our YouTube channel, or download the fully functional trial and discover our tools for hardscape, planting, retaining wall, and site analysis workflows, to name a few.

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