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December 2022 Preview of LAM

TEN x TEN’s Jessica Rossi-Mastracci, ASLA; Ross Altheimer, ASLA; and John Rasmussen on a visit to the quarry graveyard. Courtesy TEN x TEN Landscape Architecture and Urbanism.

Featured Story: “Ten Times Better,” by Aaron King. TEN x TEN Landscape Architecture and Urbanism’s design for a modest backyard in Minneapolis fuses woody wildness and industrial remnants. (Online December 8 on

Also in this issue:
Now: Montreal’s Darlington corridor grows, gradually; the award-winning design team
from Portland, Oregon’s Japanese Garden reunites; Piet Oudolf turns his hand to reviving
a historic garden in Chicago; New York City’s open streets stay that way; and Jacksonville, Florida, connects and expands trails.
Materials: “Breaking Bonds,” by Kamila Grigo. Prompted by Grace Farms Foundation’s Design for Freedom report, the 2022 Serpentine Pavilion becomes a pilot project for ethically sourced materials. (Online December 15 on
Goods: “Stop and Go,” by Laurie A. Shuster. New components for getting around town.
Landslide 2022: “Losing Ground,” by Laurie A. Shuster. This year’s awareness campaign from the Cultural Landscape Foundation highlights public landscapes designed by the Olmsteds.
Book Review: “Support System,” by Katie Kingery-Page, ASLA. A review of Resilient City: Landscape Architecture for Climate Change, by Elke Mertens.
Backstory: A watercolor carries the feeling for Twistleaf’s backyard tree house in Austin, Texas.

And don’t miss the LAM 2023 Product Directory. This 94-page compendium for specifiers includes the latest in lumber, decking, and edging; park and recreation equipment; surfaces and materials; furnishings; lighting; green walls and roofs, and more.

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