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topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

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topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design – focuses on landscape architecture as well as architecture and urban planning. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary think tank, addressing the challenges urban areas will face in future. The professional magazine strives to inspire planning practitioners, urban experts and professionals who shape the cities of tomorrow. Every issue of the quarterly published periodical is dedicated to a different topic and deals with a broad array of projects and planning work in countries all over the world. Renowned urbanists, landscape architects and pioneers in other disciplines discuss their views and answers to these and other questions, providing the reader with a variety of different perspectives and introduce them to cutting-edge research in their fields.

The latest issue of topos is all about energy. It takes a closer look at how the energy consumption of cities around the world is composed and brings hard-to-imagine dimensions into perspective. About three quarters of global primary energy is consumed by cities. But where does the energy in our urban areas come from and how is it used? These are only two of the many questions that issue 120 of topos tries to answer. For this, topos 120: Energy City lets energy experts have their say and sheds light on how selected cities are implementing their exemplary energy transition through innovative projects and initiatives. But the issue does not only look at the present. From the beginnings of household electronics to a glimpse into the far future of Mars colonization, the 120th issue of topos offers a broad selection of topics on the subject of urban energy. Get a free preview of the current issue of topos here:

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