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President-Elect Candidate Forum Question #3 - SuLin Kotowicz, FASLA

Why Do You Want To Be ASLA President?

SuLin Kotowicz, FASLA

"When we work hard for something we don't believe in, it's called stress. When we work hard for something we love, it's called passion." ~Simon Sinek

ASLA President is my ideal job description. I find it satisfying and valuable to serve others while working towards making the world a better place. ASLA is increasing our global presence. Our members and the ASLA professional team are doing critical work for our collective future. Our Society has incredible momentum for renewed engagement and growth. There is no better time for me to share my skills and work in collaboration with the ASLA professional team, volunteer leaders, and our members towards this growth.

The skills required for this office are in my wheelhouse as an advocate; thoughtful negotiator and respectful conversationalist; clear communicator at multiple scales from one-on-one to the Conference on Landscape Architecture; champion for people and their achievements at all levels of their careers; responsible fiscal advisor with a deep understanding of the complex facets of ASLA and the ASLA Fund due to my role as Vice President of Finance; and collaborative representative of ASLA among a growing arena of inspiring organizations with shared purpose and intent.

Leadership to me is not about power – it’s about empowerment. More landscape architects are seizing the moment to explore the advancement of our profession. Landscape architects are being recognized for their expertise and contributions to design, climate action and legislation. Lisa Delplace, FASLA, has just been awarded a seat on the prestigious U.S. Commission of Fine Arts! Practitioners are speaking out about flexibility and the necessity for true work life balance. There are many students, emerging professionals, seasoned practitioners and emeritus members whose invaluable shared perspective will lead us to better understand the evolution of landscape architecture and continual improvement of ASLA.

I enjoy establishing and building relationships, which is a critical leadership skill. I am the lucky recipient of time, advice, and care from many sponsors along my professional journey who have helped inspire and encourage me. Part of the leadership legacy I wish to leave is paying this forward through mentorship and creating an effective organization to grow our future leaders.

I am energized and excited by the work ASLA is undertaking to establish a short-term Strategic Plan and a long-term vision for the future. I anticipate serving in leadership with our outstanding and committed volunteer leadership, Chapter Presidents, Trustees and Executive Committee to bring this work to fruition. I am driven to serve our profession and members.

It is an incredible honor to be recognized by the nominating committee as a leader worthy of serving as the 79th President, the 13th woman President, and the first woman of color ASLA President. I believe I bring the right blend of skills to meet this moment with an even-keeled and open-minded approach. I am fortunate to be at a point in my career where I can embrace the hard work ahead and devote my energy and love for our profession and ASLA.

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