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President-Elect Candidate Forum Question #3 - Pam Linn, FASLA

Why do you want to be ASLA President?

Pam Linn, FASLA

I want to be the president of ASLA because I believe in the power of our profession. Landscape architects improve peoples’ lives in fundamental ways. I want to help members design a sustainable and equitable world through landscape architecture. I want our organization to define our future through investing in global, social, and environmental change through the art and science of landscape architecture and I want to build toward the 2030 vision.

I want to serve an organization that has helped me to make powerful change in the world. I became a Landscape Architect to design and build inclusive public spaces. My mother was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when I was young. It was heartbreaking when we couldn’t go to an event as a family because the physical challenges were insurmountable. Those memories of being excluded remain with me, and those experiences with my family led me to landscape architecture so that I could dismantle those obstacles and create places that welcome everyone. This goal of inclusive and accessible public space continues to motivate me and fuels my enthusiasm for the profession and my passion for volunteerism. I have seen the impact of landscape architecture from all realms of the profession to create vibrant, healthy, livable communities and enrich peoples’ lives far beyond accessibly.

I want to give back to the organization that has become such an important part of my life, professionally and personally. ASLA has provided opportunities to grow as a leader, expand my professional skills, build a strong network of diverse colleagues and friends, offered mentorship, and challenged me to become a mentor. I value my connection to my fellow members and this organization. I appreciate the opportunities I have gained through ASLA. As president of ASLA, I want to build and strengthen our organization’s membership and our profession.

I want to lead ASLA in engaging and growing our membership; our futures as ASLA members, professionals and community members depends on this important outreach. Together, we can build a more diverse profession and organization. I want landscape architects to be recognized as the design leaders of public spaces because our planet depends on our work. I want our members to lead in our communities because our neighbors depend on our advocacy.

Why Now?

I believe this moment is an opportunity when my leadership experience and service can be most impactful to the ASLA. I have over a decade of ASLA leadership, and thus a deep knowledge of the ASLA organization; a perspective few others can offer. I bring experience with the opportunities and challenges we face as a profession and expertise centered on community engagement, equity, inclusion, and advocacy that aligns with the 2030 plan and the goals & vision for ASLA.

I am committed to this opportunity to serve, grow, build, and transform our membership, our organization, and our communities, and with the full support of my family, employer, and colleagues, I embrace the challenges ahead.

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