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Meet the Candiates for ASLA President-Elect: SuLin Kotowicz, FASLA

SuLin K. Kotowicz, FASLA, PLA


SuLin K. Kotowicz, FASLA, PLA, has dedicated her career to advocating for our profession, growing ASLA, and empowering others. Kotowicz served the Michigan ASLA Chapter for over a decade on numerous committees and in leadership as Chapter Secretary, Treasurer, and two consecutive terms as Chapter President. She advocated for licensure and later served on the committee who worked with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Reform to draft rules for landscape architectural licensees.  Kotowicz was awarded the 2008 Michigan Chapter Emerging Professional of the Year award for advocacy and service to the profession and the 2016 Michigan Chapter Distinguished Member of the Year award for significant contributions sustained over a decade.
Currently, Kotowicz is Treasurer for the Michigan Chapter ASLA Foundation, promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through scholarship and education.  She is proud to be active in the ASLA Mentorship Program, supporting and launching several students into their careers. Nationally, she was ASLA Vice President of Finance on the Executive Committee during the critical time of changing leadership for the Society while navigating the pandemic. Serving on various National awards juries and the Professional Practice Committee, Finance and Investments Committee, and as Chair of the Audit Committee have given her a broad view of the many ways ASLA supports our membership in their practices.  
Kotowicz is an active leader at community, state and national levels and serves on the Mobility Citizen Alliance for Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.  Volunteering for multiple local non-profit organizations, Kotowicz brings a diverse perspective, energy, and collaborative spirit to her service.  As the owner of a side bookkeeping business, Kotowicz has honed detail-oriented skills, financial acumen and the ability to analyze the big picture, enhancing her leadership in complex and unpredictable settings.  Kotowicz brings a high level of commitment to her service demonstrated through her intentionality, endurance and accountability.
Kotowicz graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture. She is licensed and has 20+ years of experience in private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a project manager for VIRIDIS Design Group, creating inspirational and accessible public spaces in the built environment.

Goals and Directions Statement
“For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it” ~Amanda Gorman

ASLA is a remarkable organization of inspirational and versatile people who make the world a better place. By focusing on community, connections, innovation, scale and voice, the stage has been set through the new strategic plan to grow our Society and increase our profession’s impact on our communities, climate and the world. Using this roadmap, we are thoughtfully building toward a future bigger than we can imagine today.
The future is bright and the 2030 vision, just eight short years away, is an excellent and complex goal to aspire toward. Our work is cut out for us. This is a legacy for us to bravely build together with shared purpose and intent.
I am committed to investing my time and energy into this incredible opportunity and setting the foundation for the future by working with ASLA members and our phenomenal professional team as we evolve and leverage the impact landscape architects have at home and on the global stage. Through the work being done today, we will improve our ASLA community, becoming a membership organization whose top priority is serving our members.
My priorities include ensuring members, both seasoned professionals and students, are seen, heard, valued and celebrated; defining equity and justice goals and living into our Racial Equity Plan of Action; increased connection and engagement with our next generation; growth of collaboration and partnerships with allied organizations; exploring new avenues to broaden the reach of ASLA.
Leadership and serving our Society have been deeply meaningful to me, as ASLA’s initiatives enrich and improve people’s lives and our connection with the land. I am excited to share my passion for ASLA and landscape architecture with a broad audience as ASLA’s ambassador. I will bring my diverse voice to the table, while amplifying the voices of all our members. I am honored to be nominated to represent you. As we anticipate ASLA’s 13th female President, I would proudly represent ASLA’s diversity as the first woman of color President.

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