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Treehouses at Kew Design Competition

ASLA’s RFQs, Opportunities, and Events page provides the latest information on everything from calls for papers to competitions. Below, we highlight one recently submitted design competition. Anyone who would like to share an opportunity may submit information online.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Museum of Architecture (MoA) have launched a competition to find three exceptional designs for Treehouses across RBG Kew's UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of a larger ‘Treehouses at Kew’ exhibition in 2023.

The exhibition will communicate the value of good design and the role architects can play in addressing some of the most pressing problems we face today - sustainable use of materials, responding to the climate crisis and creating places that successfully balance the needs of people and the planet.

The competition is an exciting opportunity to use creative and architectural thinking to design in and around Kew’s living collection and produce inventive, accessible, and innovative designs. Architects are invited to design an exceptional treehouse for one of three selected trees within Kew’s 320-acre site. Each treehouse should respond to one of the accompanying themes:

  • Celebrating Play - a Norway Maple
  • Highlighting Nature’s Architecture and Biomimicry - a Pine
  • Showcasing Pioneering Sustainable Materials and Innovative Design - a Silver Lime

Designed and built using sustainable renewable materials, each treehouse should celebrate and explore key aspects of trees and their importance to our world by bringing visitors closer than ever before to Kew’s living collection.

The competition is open to UK-based and international architecture practices, and submissions are welcomed from collaborations.

February 7, 2022 is the Stage 1 Expression of Interest submission deadline. Visit the competition website for more information.

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