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BCI Burke

BCI Burke

At Burke, Play That Moves You® means observing, researching, innovating and designing products and playspaces that inspire everyone to find the best of themselves through play. We create environments for children that focus on ability and bring all people together in play. These environments provide spaces to move, gather, develop, exercise and play and designing these spaces is a privilege for us now and into the future. Play is our passion and sharing it is our mission.

Bringing Play That Moves You to communities around the world means we are focused on being the best in the industry by offering products that marry form and function and bring everyone together in play, recreation and outdoor fitness. We research how children play and engage with their environments to ensure that they are getting the highest level of play and development. We create products that offer people of all ages and all abilities the opportunity for connection and enjoyment and focus on equitable play experiences for all people of all abilities and backgrounds. We work to create an element of excitement and offer “replay” value so children can experience the joy of discovery each time they play. Highlights include:

The Brava® Universal Swing is an innovation like no other. Designed to offer children control of their play experience, the Brava allows independent transfer and swinging for children of all abilities while addressing the needs of children on the autism spectrum.

Nucleus® Evolution® Play System is adventure waiting to happen. Cobra® Slides pair with the exciting climbing experience to keeps kids coming back for more excitement and fun.

Providing a place for rest, cognitive development and socialization, the Serenity Spot™ is full of games, activities for developmental enrichment and events for children on the autism spectrum to express themselves freely.

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