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Help Students Step into the Professional World at the ASLA Conference

Landscape architecture students perusing the bookstore at the 2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture and EXPO in San Diego.

The 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, November 19–22, 2021 provides the power of knowledge and a stepping-stone into the professional world for our students.

Students from all over are taking advantage of this special opportunity and looking forward to creating networks, learning from professionals, and stepping into the professional world:

“Knowledge is power. Attending this conference will open opportunities to learn, engage, and network among professionals who share common goals as mine. Now that I am entering my final year as a grad student there are many questions I would like to have answered about the landscape architect field. This conference is a step forward into the professional world and I know I will feel honored to be in the same space with landscape architects whom I admire because of the work they do for our communities. I look forward to this event and hope to grow from this experience.” – Irene Pineda, University of Arizona, '22

“The 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture is going to be a great networking and learning opportunity. I don't think it is ever too soon to start networking as a student, but there are some social and economic barriers to being able to attend conferences and events like this. A free ticket takes care of a portion of the necessary budget, and will allow more students to attend! I'm excited to attend a conference that is accessible and welcoming to a diverse group of people, because that inclusivity will be reflected in the conversations and ideas shared.” – Shade Winfrey, Louisiana State University, '23

“Being able to attend the ASLA conference as a student is an incredible opportunity for professional growth. Gaining knowledge through a wide variety of educational sessions and having the ability to network with professionals in the field is an extremely special opportunity to take advantage of as a student.” – Anonymous, University of Georgia, '22

The ASLA Fund’s goal is to make sure as many students as possible are able to experience the spirit of the profession during the Conference. We need your help to make this happen. Please consider making a donation to positively impact the lives of landscape architecture students!  

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