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ASLA Fund Campaign to Send Students to the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

Students attending the Conference on Landscape Architecture | ASLA

We are excited to see you, in person, at the ASLA 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, November 19–22, 2021. We hope you are as excited to attend as our students are! 

Alyssa Gill, Student ASLA, Louisiana State University, ‘22, is taking the opportunity to attend as a chance to help heal our earth and change the world:

I see this opportunity as not only a way to get to know others in the profession -- students and professionals alike -- but also learn more about the current challenges we face and how our peers are working to help heal our Earth. The world has changed drastically since I began graduate school in 2019. Among the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the global call to racial justice, it is important that we re-contextualize our work as landscape architects.

I originally became inspired to join this career path because I wanted to have a tangible positive impact in public spaces. I believe that our work is more important than ever, and as students, individuals, and a collective profession, we have the capacity to change the world. This conference is a step towards that. While we will not necessarily solve any of the challenges we face through this one weekend (or will we?), the act of sharing unique perspectives and experiences helps us get closer to achieving our goals. By attending, I hope to gain not only a broadened understanding of the current challenges and trends in our profession but also make genuine connections with other landscape architects.

While I am grateful for the professors and classes that have helped to shape my studies, I believe that there is more to learn outside of the classroom. Conferences and symposiums have contributed greatly as educational supplements, but I often face a barrier with the cost of attending that comes with them. Having support to attend the National ASLA conference for 2021 would be invaluable to my education, and I appreciate the work that you are doing to give students like me opportunities to attend the conference.

Donate today to send a student to the conference

The ASLA Fund’s goal is to make sure as many students as possible are able to experience the spirit of the profession during the Conference. We need your help to make this happen. Please consider making a donation to positively impact the lives of landscape architecture students!  

For more information or questions about the ASLA Fund, contact Judy Mehlman, 202.216.2366.

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