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Helping Students Hone Their Craft and Propel Their Careers


Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to send students to SKILL | ED, the virtual practice management program.

SKILL | ED is just one week away! And we want to send more students!

"I can directly attribute just about every aspect of growth in my professional career to skills I have learned through my state and national involvement within ASLA.

Skill | ED takes the tools learned through decades of experience and synthesizes them down into manageable sessions to help colleagues and students hone their craft and propel their careers forward. Seeing this on a resume will put candidates on my and many firms’ shortlists when looking at applications, since we will know they have the desire and work ethic to do more!"  

-- Brad McCauley, PLA, ASLA, CDT, Managing Principal, Site-Design

The ASLA Fund is working to send as many students as possible to this exceptional virtual opportunity. That is where you come in—as a valued member of ASLA, we hope you will consider making a donation to send one, two, or more students to the conference.

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Why Alicia Davidson is attending SKILL | ED: 

"Opportunities to learn about the business elements of a firm or practice—like contracts and communication with third parties—are difficult to experience in a classroom setting. No amount of fantastic classroom and studio time can teach you how to negotiate a contract, or how to build professional networking, or how to communicate with local governments.

Events like this allow me, as a student, to hear what the professionals are doing every day that makes their practice work for them. Having virtual opportunities to learn about these elements directly from industry professionals allows me to explore these new ideas in a safe and flexible environment. It's not something that you get to see outside of firsthand experience at a firm, usually gained over a long period of time, and would allow me to build further confidence in these skills as an emerging professional. Being able to experience these online classes while still in school allows me to grow and build upon that knowledge as I move towards a professional career and a future as a Landscape Architect."

-- Alicia Davidson, Student ASLA, University of Georgia '21

For more information or questions about the ASLA Fund, contact Judy Mehlman, 202.216.2366.

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