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Don’t Miss the Deadline: Register for SKILL | ED

ASLA Skill | ED Opening Keynote

Join us on June 22 as David Rubin, FASLA, and Maura Rockcastle, ASLA, sit down for a "fireside chat" to share experiences as firm owners during these unprecedented 14 months. They will discuss the importance of managing their businesses, not only with strength and confidence, but with compassion as well. 

What you will learn at SKILL | ED:
Business Development: How to create short and long-term strategies for growing your firm operations through existing client relationships, with an emphasis on growth strategies for small, medium, and emerging firms

Proposals: How to put into place new approaches for creating successful proposals, for both the private and public sectors. We will discuss innovative response approaches; requirements for public bids -- and the most effective technical approaches to use, with a goal of setting a strong foundation for both the consultant and client teams. 

Contracts: How to build transparency with your team around contracts, especially the financial side, in order to foster openness and trust in your work environment. 

It’s a great opportunity for firm leaders looking to bring it back to basics.” -- Torey Carter-Conneen, CEO, ASLA

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Here is why Brigitte Hammett, Student ASLA, will be there:

"I am looking to attend SKILL | ED so that I can gain a new professional perspective to landscape architecture that I am not taught in my classes. I want to be exposed to this information so that I have a bigger picture of what it is like to actually work in a firm beyond the realm of landscape design itself (such as working on business development and contracts). I think this program will help me to assess my strengths and weaknesses so that I can be better equipped for the professional world after I leave college. It will also allow me to figure out more about what I want from a firm.

There are lots of different aspects of landscape architecture that I enjoy, which also makes it difficult when I imagine myself working in the future because I don't know exactly what I want to specialize in (urban planning, residential design, restorative environments, etc.).  I think SKILL | ED would help me to learn more about myself so that I can make these decisions for my future."

Thanks to the generous donations of your fellow landscape architects, the event is free for a limited number of students.

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