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ASLA Fund Skill | ED Campaign

ASLA Skill | ED

"So many promising young students are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to emerge as current and future leaders in landscape architecture. We must all work together to ensure their success. For $49 you can send a student to SKILL|ED, where they can receive practical training that will make them a better employee, a better leader, and a better landscape architect. Here's an your inner student and eat Ramen for dinner one night this week instead of ordering food in from your favorite restaurant. That savings alone will make the difference for one student.

While you may not think you can change the world, you have the power to change the world of one student. The change multiplies when we each do our part, until we do change the world and see landscape architecture make the difference we know it can."

-- Daniel Martin, Honoray ASLA, Permaloc

Networking today is more important than ever, yet navigating our new normal makes it a little more difficult to get out there and meet new people. People who can open doors to opportunities. SKILL | ED virtual practice management program is a perfect platform for ASLA students to gain valuable networking opportunities with next-generation leaders, industry professionals, and consultants. Give the gift of opportunity by donating today to send students to SKILL | ED.

In order to make this opportunity a reality for ASLA students, the ASLA Fund is working to send as many students as possible to this exceptional virtual opportunity. Donate today at

Why Bridgette Hammett is attending SKILL|ED:

"I am looking to attend SKILL | ED so that I can gain a new professional perspective to landscape architecture that I am not taught in my classes. I want to be exposed to this information so that I have a bigger picture of what it is to actually like to work in a firm beyond the realm of landscape design itself (such as working on business development and contracts). I think this program would help me to assess my strengths and weaknesses so that I can be better equipped for the professional world after I leave college and allow me to figure out more about what I want from a firm. There are lots of different aspects of landscape architecture that I enjoy, which also makes it difficult when I imagine myself working in the future because I don't know exactly what I want to specialize in (urban planning, residential design, restorative environments, etc.) and I think SKILL | ED would help me to learn more about myself so that I can make these decisions for my future."
-- Bridgette Hammett, Student ASLA, University of Maryland College Park '22

For more information or questions about the ASLA Fund, contact Judy Mehlman, at or 202.216.2366.

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