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COVID-19 Impacts on Work Practices: ASLA Digital Technology PPN Survey

Over the last year, nearly all design firms have had to undertake dramatic changes to continue to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges was finding ways to successfully collaborate with colleagues and other professionals to ensure that design work proceeded with as little interruption as possible. For many, this involved working exclusively from home, maybe in our pajamas, responding to constant requests “to hop on Zoom.” For others, perhaps it was a more profound sense of isolation from colleagues and projects.

Some firms may have had a wealth of experience with collaborating at a distance prior to the pandemic. But for most firms, moving exclusively to remote work led to new challenges: experimenting with new tools, developing new workflows, and establishing new standards. Many firms were forced to fly blind at the beginning, as there was insufficient collected wisdom about remote collaboration in the profession that had been freely discussed. Indeed, prior to the pandemic, there had not been a single article in Landscape Architecture Magazine directly discussing remote work. Although the light at the end of the tunnel is, hopefully, rapidly approaching, many aspects of remote work may endure far into the future.

As we emerge from the pandemic, taking an opportunity to assess the collective lessons learned from the profession can help to better position firms to competitively move forward in a world that incorporates more remote work and collaboration. 

ASLA’s Digital Technology Professional Practice Network (PPN) has developed a survey to capture the new knowledge and experience that has emerged in the profession over the course of the pandemic in order to help frame the conversation around remote work and to aid firms in developing best practices in the post-pandemic market. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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