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ASLA 2020 Residential Design Award of Excellence. Marshcourt, Cambridge, MA. Reed Hilderbrand >

ASLA's Tools for Teachers Becomes Online Destination for PreK-12 Design Learning

ASLA 2016 Professional General Design Award of Excellence. Underpass Park, Toronto, Canada. PFS Studio with The Planning Partnership. / Tom Arban

At ASLA, we introduce young learners to the profession and supporting its growing community of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educators with Tools for Teachers.

ASLA’s Tools for PreK-12 Teachers web page was recently redesigned to enhance its delivery of resources during the pandemic. It has become the destination for students and educators seeking instructional materials focusing on landscape architecture, the environment, community building, and design learning. 

With 15,000 members and 49 chapters across the country, ASLA and its members are leading nationally-recognized design projects and developing resources that encourage students to think creatively and critically about complex global challenges, such as climate change, environmental justice, sustainable landscapes, and inclusion in STEM education. 

Tools for PreK-12 Teachers translates members’ design research and award-winning projects into visually inspiring experiences that are unique to STEM education. Resources include a variety of free interactive activities, lesson plans, case studies, and websites that combine art and design with the complex scientific and technical skills needed for a variety of future landscapes.

Visit ASLA’s Tools for PreK-12 Teachers and explore our outstanding collection of resources.

Join ASLA’s PreK-12 Educator Community and learn more about ASLA’s first PreK-12 Summit entitled "DREAM BIG with Design, A Showcase of Landscape Architecture and PreK-12 Design Learning" on Thursday, September 23 and Friday, September 24, 2021.

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