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Bringing Landscape Design Practices Indoors During COVID-19


The global pandemic has highlighted the multitude of benefits we receive from being in nature, even if it is solely a view of vegetation from a window. And as we spend more time indoors as the season changes, the lessons of landscape architecture, social science, and sustainable design have become all the more important in maintaining healthy lives. One of the clearest examples of this is the evolving focus on biophilic design, which seeks to integrate nature into our indoor spaces.  

Landscape architects have practiced this for years, and social scientists have begun to demonstrate just how powerful a connection to nature can be for our quality of life. The Sustainable SITES Initiative’s program manager, Danielle Pieranunzi, shared some tips from the sustainable landscape rating system to help integrate biophilic design into our offices and homes: 


  • Evaluate and understand before designing
  • Keep nature in view
  • Celebrate local connections
  • Integrate green infrastructure
  • Blur the line between indoor and outdoor space
  • Invest in the long term
Explore these biophilic design tips to help blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces. You can also use these tip graphics to share with your own networks!

Curious about SITES and how it can help prepare your outdoor spaces for COVID-19 protocols? Access resources and advice from the program to help advance your spaces while keeping them safe, healthy, and sustainable.


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