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West Coast Wildfires Show Climate Crisis is Here, Now

Satellite view of Camp fire / Wikipedia

"As landscape architects and design professionals, we have the power to combat climate change and reduce risk. Working with foresters and planners, landscape architects help communities avoid developing in highly fire-prone natural areas. Landscape architects also plan and design fire-wise communities with defensible spaces that incorporate naturally-resilient native trees and plants.

ASLA will continue to provide our members and our profession with information, resources, and education necessary to plan for wildfires and help stop these devastating events before they begin." - ASLA President Wendy Miller, FASLA. [Read the entire statement here.]

Below are fire-related resources from our online learning, blog posts, award winners, guides, and more.


Tap into more information about landscape architects’ role in addressing wildfire-related issues on the Resilient Design: Fire resource page, and get up-to-the-minute information about the current crisis in “Interactive Maps Track Western Wildfires”.

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