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ASLA Opposes Suspension of NEPA, Urges President to Rescind Order

For fifty years, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has guarded the environment from harm during the planning and construction of projects.

Just a few months ago, the administration released a proposed rule that would gut this bedrock law - a move ASLA vehemently opposed.

Now, using a global pandemic as both cover and an excuse, the president recently signed an executive order suspending NEPA.

This move is an attempt to bypass the regulatory process to remove long-standing environmental safeguards. Our most vulnerable communities, especially black populations, are already disproportionately affected by pollution and the ravages of climate change. Additionally, these communities have been the hardest hit by COVID-19 and by the ensuing economic downturn.

This decision will only cause more damage to the environment, hurt underserved communities, and magnify the consequences of the ongoing climate crisis.

ASLA urges the president to rescind this unconscionable and destructive order.

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