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Dear L.A.R.E.y—Your Exam Questions Answered

Dear L.A.R.E.y—Your Exam Questions Answered

Studying for the licensing exam? L.A.R.E.y has the answers. Brought to you by the ASLA LARE Prep Committee, including seasoned professionals, LARE Prep instructors, and recent and current test-takers, L.A.R.E.y’s answers will reflect the committee’s collective insights and experience. Please note that ASLA only endorses resources and materials provided by ASLA and CLARB.

Dear L.A.R.E.y,  
Out of the four suggested readings for Section 1, can you tell me which are most useful? Which books should I read in full?

Thomas from Nevada

Dear Thomas,

Having taken this Section in 2018, here are four books that I found useful:

1. Construction Contracts, 3rd Edition / Hinze
2. Project Management for Design Professionals / Ramroth
3. Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture / Rogers
4. Sustainability and Design Ethics, 1st Edition / (Tom) Russ

Construction Contracts is a very important book and I kept that one after passing. Both Professional Practice and PM books are worth reading as well. I personally did not feel there is anything in Sustainability & Ethics I didn't already know but it, like the Professional Practice book, is very short so they should/did not take long to read. HAPPY READING!

ASLA has just released Construction Contract Administration Guidelines prepared by the Professional Practice Committee. It is free to members and should be helpful for LARE candidates.


L.A.R.E.y Editor’s Note: Recognize what you do not understand and look that up in all the books so that you completely understand the item. The exam is based on SKA – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities. Rote memorization will not help! The ability to think rationally and flexibly is imperative.

Dear L.A.R.E.y,
I've seen a lot of concerns about people trying to sign up for the exams and having issues with test availability. What advice can you give to help with this issue?

Steph in Michigan

Dear Steph,

Due to COVID-19, CLARB is currently seeing some capacity issues, especially in major cities. They are currently working with Pearson Vue to identify the best way to accommodate candidates in this August window so everyone who wants to test will be able to. They even extended the testing window into September (August 1 through September 19) and have asked about adding more Pearson testing sites. My best advice is to register ASAP to secure your spot. Once registered, CLARB will keep you informed. Check out the CLARB website for more COVID information. Best of Luck!

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