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Join ASLA in Celebrating LGBTQIA Pride Month

18 Shades of Gay, Montréal, Canada. Claude Cormier + Associés / Jean-Michel Seminaro

ASLA is proud to elevate and celebrate its LGBTQIA members and their remarkable contributions to the profession during LGBTQIA Pride Month. ASLA Diversity Summit participant, Breeze Outlaw, ASLA, helped launch celebrations with Space, Place, & Pride: Moving beyond the binary, evolving inclusion.

Outlaw (They/them & Zie/zir) reminds readers that: 

“As a profession that designs for the public realm, landscape architecture cannot guarantee safety in spaces. However, there are ways that landscape architecture can support LGBTQIA folks in the built environment by acknowledging how gender and identity influence how someone navigates. By understanding the validity of pronouns in spaces, and how gender-neutrality fosters more inclusive practices in the profession, we can cultivate strong, positive support for this marginalized community.”

Upcoming Webinars

In honor of LGBTQIA Pride Month, ASLA is celebrating the LGBTQIA community and bringing visibility to the diverse narratives in landscape architecture. In the upcoming webinars, landscape architects will discuss the value of Pride, the importance of inclusive language, and how it is imperative to the profession.

Visit ASLA Celebrates LGBTQIA Pride Month and take advantage of opportunities to learn and celebrate! 

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