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Final Reminder: LAAB Accepting Public Comments on Proposed Revisions of Accreditation Standards

Every five years, LAAB conducts long-term reviews to determine if the current standards, when viewed as a whole and individually, are adequate to assess the quality of landscape architecture education programs and pertinent to the education and training needs of students. Last fall, LAAB hosted an initial public comment review period for the 2016 LAAB Accreditation Standards. Based on that feedback, LAAB approved draft revisions at its winter board meeting. 

LAAB is offering a second and final comment review period to allow communities of interest to weigh in on the approved revisions. LAAB has extended the comment period to 45 days, recognizing interested parties might need additional time given the current COVID-19 crisis. The below resources are available to inform the public of the approved revisions:

LAAB Accreditation Standards 2020 Revisions (proposed revisions highlighted throughout the Standards document)

LAAB Accreditation Standards 2020 Revisions Guide (proposed revisions only, with standard and page number cited) 

LAAB Accreditation Standards 2020 Revisions Overview (15-minute video with an explanation of proposed revisions)

After reviewing the proposed revisions, interested individuals should submit final comments and/or revisions no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, May 31.


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