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LAAB Will Accept Public Comments on Accreditation Standards Through December 15

Pursuant to the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) Accreditation Procedures, LAAB is tasked to conduct ongoing and comprehensive reviews of its accreditation standards to verify they adequately evaluate educational quality and are relevant to the education needs of students seeking a career in landscape architecture.

Every five (5) years, LAAB conducts longer-term reviews of the Standards, the primary purpose of which is to determine if the current Standards, when viewed as a whole and individually, are adequate to assess the quality of landscape architecture education programs and pertinent to the education and training needs of students. LAAB last approved revisions to the standards in 2016 as part of its periodic review of its standards.

Starting November 1, LAAB will host a public comment review period for the 2016 LAAB Accreditation Standards through December 15. Interested individuals are asked to submit comments and revisions of the LAAB Accreditation Standards on or before December 15 HERE.

The LAAB accreditation process evaluates each program based on its stated objectives and compliance to externally mandated minimum standards. The program conducts a self-study to assess how well it is meeting its educational goals. LAAB then provides an independent assessment, which determines if a program meets accreditation requirements. Programs leading to first professional degrees at the bachelor's or master's levels in the United States are eligible to apply for accreditation from LAAB. See a list of programs accredited by LAAB.

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