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ASLA Career Discovery and Diversity: Partnering with Your Local Museum

National Building Museum's Lawn in Washington, D.C. / Photo Credit: Timothy Schenck, 2019

Did you know that museums present prime opportunities to introduce the landscape architecture profession to hundreds, if not thousands, of residents and visitors from around the world? That's not all - local museums host an array of educational programming efforts that could align with the design principles landscape architects apply daily.

ASLA maintains a unique and thriving partnership with the National Building Museum in the District of Columbia. The museum works to transform the public’s understanding of the history and importance of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and design. This partnership allows ASLA to connect with students, school administrators, environmental education groups, classroom teachers, and the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) community.

ASLA is pleased to share with you the benefits of collaborating with a museum. Whether your local museum is science-, nature-, built environment- engineering- or technology-themed, there is always room for landscape architecture. Here are some tips from ASLA on ways your chapter can connect with museums in your area.

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