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Sidewalk Detroit Wants You to Rethink the Purpose of Public Space
Curbed Detroit

“Sidewalk Festival is about creating spontaneous moments like this, but also reimagining what it means to be in public space.”

Talking About the Bats and the Bees: Pollination is a theme this Summer at Chicago Botanic Garden
The Chicago Tribune

“In a typical pollination scenario, the spiky, genome-packed pollen from a flower’s male stamen attaches itself to the fuzzy torso of a bee. The bee travels to the next flower in search of more nectar, some of the pollen rubs off onto the flower’s pistil, or female reproductive organ, and fertilization can take place.”

Charlotte Preservation Expert Explains Revitalizing Landscapes
The Shelburne News

“Patricia O’Donnell, a preservation landscape architect and urban planner, presents “Revitalizing Modern Landscapes for Contemporary Life” Saturday, Aug. 3, at 2 p.m. at the Middlebury town offices.”

First Look at Gansevoort Peninsula Park Along the Hudson River
Curbed New York

“After decades of planning, a 5.65-acre park with a beach is coming to Hudson River Park’s Gansevoort Peninsula—a site that until recently was a Department of Sanitation facility.”

Walking Salesforce Park: An SF Tree Expert's Guide to the Landscape

“As of this month, the 5.4-acre rooftop park atop the Salesforce Transit Center is once again accessible for commuters, SoMa residents, lunch-goers, plant lovers, and anyone else who just wants to take a stroll.”

Huge NY Show Honors Brazilian Modern Landscape Architect
The Associate Press

“In what the New York Botanical Garden says is its largest botanical exhibition ever, “Brazilian Modern: The Living Art of Roberto Burle Marx” celebrates the artist, landscape architect and conservationist in a dazzling display of his garden style. Accompanying programming showcases the sights and sounds of Brazil, with music and dance performances meant to evoke Rio de Janeiro, the inspiration of the artist’s life and work.”

The Dull Blocks West of Navy Pier Get an Engaging Park: Will it Be Loved to Death?
The Chicago Tribune

“It’s no secret that the blocks between Navy Pier and North Michigan Avenue are dull with a capital ‘D.’ They’re filled with bland high-rises, underused public spaces, and the circular hole in the ground that was to form the foundation of the unbuilt Chicago Spire.”

Back Story: How the Gas Works Became a Seattle Park Landmark
Seattle Magazine
August Issue

“The Backstory. Most Seattleites are familiar with the iconic industrial remnants that give Gas Works Park its name. But did you know that the structures we see today, perched on the north end of Lake Union, were part of an operation that literally fueled the city in the 19th century?”

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