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Each of ASLA's 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) contributes to The Field, a blog that was created to give members who work in landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share their thoughts about current happenings. In LAND this year, we’ll be rounding up recent posts on The Field you may have missed. If you’d like to receive email notifications as soon as new posts are published, sign up to follow The Field—look for “The Field by Email” box on the right-hand side.

Two new posts are published on The Field each week. Here is what’s been published since the last issue of LAND that featured highlights from The Field:

Headed for New Heights

Headed for New Heights: Employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Resiliency Evaluation

PPN: Campus Planning and Design
by Emily Schlickman, ASLA

“Over the past four decades, the United States has experienced 241 distinct climate and weather-related disasters, each incurring over $1 billion dollars in damage.” Read more >

High School Architecture Programs

High School Architecture Programs Need Landscape Architects

PPN: Education and Practice
by Barbara Peterson, ASLA

“When did you first hear about landscape architecture? Was it before, during, or after college?” Read more >

Reclaiming Land for Downtown Parks in Dallas

Reclaiming Land for Downtown Parks in Dallas

PPN: Urban Design
by Taner R. Özdil, Ph.D., ASLA

“Since the turn of the century, increasing environmental awareness coupled with social and economic trends has dramatically affected where people choose to live, work, and play in United States.” Read more >

China’s Urban Revival

China’s Urban Revival: Lessons Learned

PPN: International Practice
by Ming-Jen Hsueh, ASLA, and Dou Zhang, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP BD+C, SITES AP

“In China, similar urban regeneration experiments have played out rapidly as China’s development took off during the last few decades—with similar regrets and lessons learned following in kind.” Read more >

Documenting Historic Streetscapes

Documenting Historic Streetscapes

PPN: Historic Preservation
The deadline to enter this year's HALS Challenge is July 31, 2019.

“What makes your favorite historic street(s) unique? Does your local Historic Preservation Commission protect the streetscape characteristics and features of historic districts along with the contributing buildings?” Read more >

How GROW is Changing BrightView, One Woman at a Time

How GROW is Changing BrightView, One Woman at a Time

PPN: Women in Landscape Architecture
by Kate Douglas Kestyn, Affiliate ASLA

“The American Society of Landscape Architects was founded by 11 people. Do you know how many were women? One.” Read more >

The Greening of Schoolyards

The Greening of Schoolyards: Campus Master Plans are Vital Tools

PPN: Children’s Outdoor Environments
by Jane Tesner Kleiner, ASLA, RLA

“Greening of Schoolyards (GOSY) projects can involve many things, but central to them all are access for everyone and user safety.” Read more >

Capturing a City’s Vision for a Dynamic Public Plaza

Capturing a City’s Vision for a Dynamic Public Plaza

PPN: Urban Design
by Shane Friese, ASLA

“Our experience in working closely with the City to design the plaza underscored valuable lessons for meeting a client’s strategic goals with a plan that embraces and reflects local character.” Read more >

A Healing Garden in a Therapeutic Landscape

A Healing Garden in a Therapeutic Landscape

PPN: Historic Preservation
by Rebecca W. Flemer, Affiliate ASLA

“Preliminary plans are underway in the Dell area of Woodlands Cemetery in West Philadelphia for a healing garden and green burial site.” Read more >

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