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Landscape Architecture in the News

The Nation’s Most Exciting Park Project is Taking Shape in North Carolina

“If you’ve ever wondered how different cities’ signature parks, like New York’s Central Park or Chicago’s Lincoln Park, would look if they were designed in the 21st century, keep your eyes on Raleigh, North Carolina.”

A First-Rate Waterfront Park is Transforming a Historic Greek City

“Thessaloniki’s New Waterfront is the centerpiece in an effort to transform the local economy, and other cities are taking notice.”

Master-Planned Cities in the Spotlight

“The Guardian last week published a series of articles and interactive features on the subject of the master-planned communities of the world.”

The C&O Canal in Georgetown is Not in Danger of Being ‘High Lined’
The Washington Post

“If you have ever felt overwhelmed by overcrowding on the otherwise beautiful High Line, you might agree with Stephen A. Hansen’s June 30 Local Opinions essay, “Don’t ‘High Line’ Georgetown’s C&O Canal.” Unfortunately, the call to “rethink this proposal from scratch” is based on mischaracterizations.”

America’s Greatest Gardening Partnership Produced This Place

“There is no better Art Deco garden anywhere in the United States than the Blue Steps at Naumkeag. A series of dark blue painted grottos climb up a steep hillside, connected by stairs and placed against a backdrop of white birch trees.”

A Brazilian Polymath’s Tropical Oasis at the New York Botanical Garden
The New Yorker

“Roberto Burle Marx designed a swirling garden path at Copacabana Beach, and his American protégé has created a fragrant homage to the landscape architect in the Bronx.”

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