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City and Aps Launching a Pilot Program to Turn School Lands into Public Parks

The Sarasota Report


“Atlanta can greatly add to public green space and parks by partnering with the Atlanta Public Schools to open up school property to the public.”

Just 20 Minutes in an Urban Park Helps Lower Stress-Hormone Levels, Study Finds



“As little as 20 minutes of sitting or strolling through a city park — or any outdoor place that makes you feel more connected to nature — helps reduce the levels of stress hormones circulating in the body and thus may help reduce stress itself, according to a small but interesting study published Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.”

Climate Change is Already Battering This West African City



“Home to nearly 300,000 people, Saint-Louis, Senegal, is seeing houses destroyed, streets flooded, and crops killed by encroaching saltwater.”

Why You Should Start a Pocket Prairie in Your Yard



“Durham believes that prairie grass is the key to maintaining a more cost-efficient yard while also contributing positively to our flood-prone environment.”

How Better Urban Planning Can Improve Gender Equality

Behavioral Scientist


“In the mid-1990s, public officials in Vienna found something surprising when they studied who was using their public parks: girls were much less likely to use parks after age nine, while boys continued using them into their teens.”

Mission 66: The Controversial Plan That Brought National Parks into the Modern Era

USA Today


“Spurred by a comprehensive program known as Mission 66, these new additions were built to address problems plaguing the parks, including outdated buildings that could not accommodate the expected 31 million increase in visitors by 1966.”

Singapore’s $1.3 Billion Airport Expansion is Half Botanical Garden, Half Mega-Mall

Fast Company


“Jewel Changi is not an airport, nor an amusement park, nor is a retail hub–it’s something in between.”


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