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ASLA Presidential Candidates Forum Question 1: Gary Brown, FASLA

Question: What can ASLA do to demonstrate the value of membership in the Society to established and emerging professionals, as well as students?

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We can all demonstrate the value of ASLA by sharing our personal journeys in ASLA, connecting our community of shared experiences in staying active and being engaged. Many of us are successful in our careers because someone early on told us their story and said, “…stay involved and active in ASLA and your career will be enriched exponentially.”

As an active, engaged member for 35 years, ASLA has provided me with the leadership skills to excel. Similar to others, I started as member-at-large, became chapter secretary, then chapter president, and now serve as chapter trustee. Along the way, we’ve all gained more knowledge together, shared more experiences and met our personal and professional goals. We, together as a community in ASLA, have worked hard to gain licensure in every state. We have facilitated board retreats, established chapter budgets, and hosted seminars, conferences and annual meetings. None of this can been done without the support of our colleagues and the staff of ASLA. They provide the strength for us to get things done together. Sharing our stories keeps us bonded with focused goals so we can all do amazing things together.

As a Society, we have helped pass federal legislation to permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund program providing potential project work for our members. We’ve supported on-going funding of our National Park System. We’ve helped pass the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act providing flexibility and local autonomy for stormwater projects in our local areas.

ASLA provides members with excellent professional development and continuing, life-long learning opportunities, both on-line and in person. We can track our CEUs via LA CES so we can easily maintain our professional licenses. We work together in our Professional Practice Networks to gain insight and knowledge from our peers in our key interest areas. We use JobLink to find opportunities for growth and leadership. We use ASLA’s standard contracts to help keep our businesses current and strong. ASLA provides us with leadership skills and the ability to share our stories with policy makers. ASLA provides the advocacy support we need to assure we have a place at the table when key decisions are being made at every level.

As ASLA members, we’ve built incredible networks of colleagues that can be called upon day and night. If we need advice, need to team on a project, or just share a good meal and an incredible glass of wine, we can call on our ASLA colleagues to accomplish greatness.

We must show our up-and-coming students, emerging professionals and our longtime colleagues that membership in our ASLA community is not only important, but imperative. ASLA provides us with the tools to build our careers, give back to our communities and make us all stronger, together as a community of professionals sharing and caring for each other. I encourage us to share our own journeys so that we can build a larger, ever passionate community of professionals, and continue to share the amazing value of ASLA.

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