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Members: Create Your Free FirmFinder Profile Today

Last month, ASLA launched a new FirmFinder, which enables both homeowners and developers to search nearly 5,000 member firms.

The new and improved FirmFinder enables members to create a FirmFinder profile for free.

Add a description of your firm, link to your website, and up to four images with descriptive captions.

Plus: if you add images to your profile, it will appear at the top of results for any search by zip code.

Take full advantage of your free member benefit and maximize your position in search results. Use FirmFinder to promote your business today.

Simply login to Once you have landed on your My ASLA page, find the Manage FirmFinder Profile button, which is found on the lower left corner.

For any questions or assistance, please contact our membership team: or 202-898-2444. 

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