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How to Create a Movie-Lover’s Yard

“With the help of landscape architect Mark Tessier, Ten overhauled their yard to create a gathering spot for the family, which includes 9-year-old daughter Maya and teenage sons Cole and Taro.”

Need a Quick Inspection of a 58-Story Tower? Send a Drone
The New York Times

“Richard Shelbourne, a British landscape architect who designed the garden, said the drone images helped refine the project.”

Inside Rob Lowe’s Virginia-inspired California Home
The Washington Post

“Architect Don Nulty, designer Kyle Irwin, landscape architect Mark Rios and feng shui master David Cho all helped create the home.”

Pair of new SF Housing Complexes Display Smart Design
San Francisco Chronicle

“The difference here is a generosity of tone in the design by Baker and the landscape architect, CMG.”

Fog Sculptures Are Enshrouding Boston’s Historic Parks

“Legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead was hired by the city of Boston to build the park system in the 1870s.”

Which of the 25 Best Ranked Colleges in the U.S. Have Architecture Programs?

“The CED [University of California, Berkeley's College of Environmental Design] has degree programs in architecture, landscape architecture, sustainable environmental design and urban studies.”

Carol Hamilton Was the Peggy Olson of Beauty
The Cut

“If you won the power ball tomorrow, what are the first five things you would do? (After, of course, donating the majority of it to your top charities.) Become a Harvard Fellow, buy a new apartment, spend time in Provence, become a landscape architect and take a safari in Tanzania!”

Salesforce Transit Center by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Opens in San Francisco
Architectural Record

“Designed by PWP Landscape Architects, the park is a rolling landscape that cleverly integrates exit stairs, elevator overruns, and mechanical vents amid its hillocks and more than 600 trees, including redwoods and palms.”

Home of the Week: An English Cottage-Like Home in Snyder
The Buffalo News Online

“The gardens, designed by local landscape architect Joseph Han (of the English Gardener), are surrounded by stone walls and native plants – now over 15 years old – a bit wild but blending well with the large shade trees towering above.”

Portland Reveals Winner in Public Bench Competition
The Architect’s Newspaper

“Portland-based Kyle and Alyssa Trulen, a landscape architect and a videographer respectively, took the grand prize with their entry A Quiet Place to Sit and Rest.”

Miami Street's Radical Sea Level Rise Plan Could be Blueprint for City
The Christian Science Monitor

“A small group of neighbors who own some of Miami's most valuable waterfront real estate, eager for new solutions to this old problem, have drawn up an ambitious set of recommendations with a landscape architect and urban designer for how to keep their vulnerable slice of dry land drier and, if that eventually fails, even abandon it altogether if sea rise inundates the shoreline.”

Retired and Broke: Bankruptcy Filings Surging for Seniors
The Washington Post

“After a high-pressure career, I relocated to a smaller community six years ago and took up my landscape architecture practice with great success.“

Mayor Bynum Called Anna America to Let Her Know Parks Job was Open but Insists He Did Not Plan to Hire Her From the Start
Tulsa World

“The qualifications for the parks director’s job were broadened at [Jack] Blair’s request and changed to focus less on health, horticulture and landscape architecture.”

A First Look at San Francisco’s Sensational New Elevated Park
Fast Company

“Designed by PWP Landscape Architects, the designers behind the 9/11 Memorial, the Salesforce Transit Center Park opened in a part of the city desperate for green space–and even helped change local zoning regulations.”

The Bostonians: A Modern Agrarian Landscape in New England

“The owners turned to landscape architects Richard Burck Associates and landscape construction company Robert Hanss Inc., who devised a plan to turn the steep slope into a buildable lot: a series of terraces supported by fieldstone retaining walls.”

In Moscow’s Newest Park, All of Russia Comes Together
The New York Times

“Mr. [Petr] Kudryavtsev asked Ms. [Elizabeth] Diller if her office would team up with Citymakers, and the architects invited the landscape architects Hargreaves Associates to join the project.”

Transforming Tulsa, Starting with a Park
The New York Times

“The landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh is a diviner of places, a city whisperer.”

Here's What Matt Lauer is Doing Now
Elle Décor

“Lauer could have moved to another home he owns in Sag Harbor, with gardens by landscape architect Miranda Brooks and interiors by Muriel Brandolini, which has been on the market and got a price reduction in early March.”

The Olmsted Papers You Didn’t Know You Needed
City Lab

“The materials, including drafts of his writings, family letters and journals, correspondences with colleagues, and project proposals, piece together a unique glimpse into the landscape architect’s creative process.”

3 Lush Parks Drastically Remake the East River Waterfront
The New York Times

“Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture, described the beckoning pleasures of a curved path, offering up surprise and a chance encounter around the corner.”

National Landscape Architecture Group Tours Meriden Green
Meriden Record-Journal

“Building the political will and securing the funding to complete a project like the Meriden Green is a monumental undertaking, members of the American Society of Landscape Architects said Wednesday.”

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