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Public Awareness Representatives Convene in Austin for Summit

The ASLA 2018 Public Awareness Summit convened on January 5 through 8 in Austin, Texas. The annual summit brought together representatives from 46 of 49 chapters from across the country to shape the American Society of Landscape Architect’s public awareness campaigns for 2018. The summit was the first meeting of the Public Awareness Coalition, which formalized the 49 representatives as an advisory group to ASLA on all public awareness initiatives.

The two-day summit featured three group discussions for attendees to brainstorm public awareness ideas for 2018. They debated ideas for World Landscape Architecture Month, how to implement ASLA’s rebranding plans, and how ASLA can better aid chapters on a local level.

Four attendees presented case studies of successful public awareness efforts in their chapters. Michael Killeen, ASLA, from the Prairie Gateway Chapter of ASLA discussed a multidisciplinary K-12 outreach program, Dalton LaVoie, ASLA, California – Sierra Chapter of ASLA trustee, emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with student chapters, Lara Moffat, ASLA, Texas Chapter of ASLA’s president-elect, outlined how Texas ASLA promotes the work of its members through a publication, and Amelia Rusbar, Associate ASLA, from the Louisiana Chapter of ASLA, recounted her experience redeveloping the chapter’s website.

ASLA staff members also presented to the attendees on a variety of topics. Terry Poltrack, ASLA director of public relations and communications, updated the group on ASLA’s rebranding efforts, Karen Grajales, manager of public relations, discussed the basics of public relations, and Paul Azzolini, graphic designer and front end developer, gave a tutorial on how to create a simple, yet effective chapter website. 


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